2018CIFF |“佛罗伦萨之家”主题展, 30余个品牌联手呈现意大利工艺之美




On September 10-13, at the 42nd China (Shanghai) International Furniture Fair (CIFF), 30 local well-known handicraft design brands recommended by CNA of Firenze will be presented at the Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center. A scenery layout of “Florence Home” will show the arts and crafts of Florence.




The "Home of Firenze" which is hosted by China International Furniture Fair (Shanghai) joint with Shanghai Promotion Center For City Of Design and CNA of Firenze, under the guidance of the Foreign Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Sino-Italian Cultural Cooperation Mechanism will present the original Italian handicrafts before the audience.










tips  佛罗伦萨还是19世纪玻璃器皿、陶瓷、高级服装和皮革的时尚设计中心和艺术天堂。无数手工艺匠人世家在这座城市扎根,代代传承着佛罗伦萨的历史传统,又注入了现代设计的新理念,使得传统技艺永远充满了新的活力。


Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance, the world-famous cradle of art. It is precisely because of Florence's paintings, sculptures, and fascinating urban architecture that it has inspired new artistic expressions and greatly influenced the fashion world. Therefore, numerous fashion companies and designers from all over the world come from Florence. 


Florence is also a fashion design center and art paradise for 19th century glassware, ceramics, high-end costumes and leather. Numerous craftsmen families have taken root in this city, inheriting the history and tradition of Florence generation after generation and by injecting new ideas of modern design, they made traditional techniques always full of new vitality.









The University of Florence School of Design, the National Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, the LABA Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and Le Arti Orafe Jewelry School & Academy have trained a new force of design for Florence, making this city forever at the forefront of design. The Florence Design Week, Florence Men's Fashion Week and Florence Biennale reflect the city's strength in design, showcase the artistic lifestyle, provide sustainable environmental solutions and make this city the center of  art expression in the world.




At the same time, it is also an international city which gathers designers with different cultural backgrounds and different design styles. The ancient handicraft tradition combines with modern consciousness provides the city of Florence with both historical heritage and lively design ideas.
















Florence is also a gathering place for crafts brands, with an old family heritage and a newly founded independent brand design. This time more than 30 local well-known handicraft design brands came to Shanghai to bring a refreshing display to the China International Furniture Fair  (Shanghai).






Savio Firmino创建于1941年的佛罗伦萨,保存了古老的手工技法,雕刻生动细致,以其纯手工制作的奢华家具和浪漫可爱的NOTTE FATATA儿童系列著称。1980年,其推出的精美雕刻和软装的床头板,绸带和玫瑰花雕刻的1696是至今仍最畅销的款式。


Founded in Florence in 1941, Savio Firmino preserves the ancient craftsmanship and meticulous carving skills and is famous for handmade luxury furniture and romantic, lovely NOTTE FATATA children's collection. In 1980, its exquisitely carved and softly packed headboard 1696, which is decorated with ribbon and engraved with rose is still the best-selling article today.






意大利银器世家Argentiere Pagliai创立于上世纪50年代,曾接受蒂凡尼委托加工银器,有些产品依然保留至今。Benvenuti Argenti也同样是流传三代的银器世家,从上世纪30年代至今,他们坚持传统、坚持完全手工制作。如今,创始人Osvaldo Benvenuti的两个孙子Massiniliano和Alessandro继承了家族事业,将佛罗伦萨的手工艺传统发扬光大。


The Italian silversmith family brand Argentiere Pagliai was founded in the 1950s and the perfection of Pagliai's production has earned international recognition since the 1960s, when Tiffany & Co. commissioned Orlando Pagliai the production of different silver pieces, some of which are still reproduced and are on offer here. Benvenuti Argenti is also a family of silverware that has been passed on for three generations. From the 1930s till now, they adhere to tradition and insist on handcrafting. Today, Massiniliano and Alessandro, the two grandchildren of the founder Osvaldo Benvenuti, have inherited the family business and carried forward the craftsmanship tradition of Florence.






艺术家与金匠Beatrice Pieroni Lubé工作生活在佛罗伦萨,她的珠宝作品犹如微型雕塑,展现出放大镜下的大自然,她的微雕技艺赋予珠宝艺术感,不仅表现了美与和谐,还体现了艺术的思索。


Artist and goldsmith Beatrice Pieroni Lubé works and lives in Florence. Her jewellery works are like miniature sculptures, showing the nature under the magnifying glass. Her “microsculptures”  focus mainly on the analysis of nature described through the lens of introspection, not only showing beauty and harmony, but also reflecting her artistic thought. 






Vanni Pratesi & Rogai成立于1964年,专攻手工牛皮制品,生产过程与文艺复兴时期佛罗伦萨的书籍、珠宝箱、护墙、椅面、书桌覆面等完全相同,利用植物染色,在水中切割、浸透,用木料成形,成品具有与众不同的形状与色彩。


Vanni Pratesi & Rogai was established in the 1964, and it is specializing in handcrafted goods in calf leather. The process to work is the same of in the “Renaissance” where in italy and in particulary in Florence we can found the first objects in leather: covers for the books, jewellers-case, wall panels, chairs cover, writing desk cover ecc. They utilize solid leather, tanned in vegetable, cutted and immersed in the water, mounted on shape in wood. All their items in leather are finished by handmade, different in the shape, in the color and in the finish off.







Es’givien is a clothing brand founded ten years ago by Verona three sisters Gaia, Nives and Vivilla. They insist on “Italian hand-made” and understand the psychology of fashion. They hope to present the unique essence of fashion to people.








除了时装、珠宝与银器,佛罗伦萨的设计师们在日常生活领域,也倾注了精雕细琢的传统和美观实用的理念。Mario Chiarugi在1952年创立了自己的企业,把当时才被认作为日用品的胡椒磨粉机,作为一个本身有价值的作品推出,致力于在世界各地传播“意大利制造”、“佛罗伦萨制造”的概念,表达出佛罗伦萨工匠大师遗留的艺术精华。




In addition to fashion, jewellery and silverware, Florentine designers have also devoted themselves to the tradition of craftsmanship and pratical aesthetics in the daily life. In 1952, Mario Chiarugi sets up his business enterprise. His challenge was to present the pepper mill - up until then considered an article of everyday use - as an object of value and prestige in itself. Mario Chiarugi committed himself to spreading the concept of “Made in Italy” and “Made in Florence” around the world, expressing the artistic essence inherited from the masters of Florentine craftsmen. 


Chiarugi strongly believes in two standards: design and daily use. He devoted to create a permanent article to express passing of the times. Over time, his products became the most popular Italian manufacture abroad.








"Home of Firenze", expecting you to visit the C26 Exhibition Area of Hall 4.1 at the China International Furniture Fair (Shanghai).